About Us


Chloë Ellis is synonymous with timeless statement pieces. Our mission is to enhance women globally by not only selling them clothing, but by selling them confidence!



Chloë Ellis is you, our customer who is beautiful on the inside and exudes a stunning presence to everyone she encounters.

Our Customer is Bold, Unique, Fearless, Aspirational, Classy, Respectable, Intelligent and Value Driven; She’s not afraid to go against the norm.

Everyone wants to be like her, is intrigued by her, and wants to get to know her. She’s a creature like no other…

Chloë Ellis isn’t just a trend or a fad, but a fashionable classy lady who will always be in style. She is clothed with confidence and makes a memorable statement in every room she enters.

Our Brand is focused on creating the Audrey Hepburn’s and Jackie O’s of our generation. At Chloë Ellis we’re not just selling clothes, we’re selling confidence.

“you are altogether beautiful, my darling, there’s no flaw in you.”– Song of Solomon 4:7



Chloë Ellis was started by two small city girls with big city dreams. This Mother/Daughter duo combined their love for fashion and passion for restoring confidence in women to create a clothing brand like no other. The Brand is described as elegant, graceful, sophisticated and ladylike.

Chloe’ holds a BBA in Marketing/Entrepreneurship and has gained customer facing experience as a Store Manager in retail, and is now working in the merchandising industry as an Assistant Buyer. She took a leap of faith to follow her dreams by utilizing her knowledge, experience and passion for fashion to create Chloë Ellis.

Connie has always had a unique eye for fashion as well as an extensive knowledge for fabrics, patterns, colors and textures. Connie’s interest in fashion and design started at an early age where she picked up the skill of sewing as a child which has since then prompted her to design some of her own garments. Over the years she has worked with ample amount of clients as a stylist for casual, business and formal attire. Enhancing women in all aspects of life is her Motto.

Combining Chloe’s business savvy mindset, her Mom’s flare for fashion, and their inspiration from traveling abroad, the two make an electrifying team and have joined forces to build the one and only Chloë Ellis Online Boutique.